All 1 game Review

Poke the piggy! Poke the piggy!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

it was bad

graphics - the pig was very poorly done as it did not even have any shading on it. the only other graphics were the squiqqles in the background, and squiggles are not very good obviously
style - it was just a pig screaming which was very tasteless and had no point to it at all
sound - there was no sound apart from a scream which was very bad quality too
violence - there was none
interactivity - this was the only thing that wasnt terrible about it as i did have to click the pig to make it do something. very bad though that all it did was scream
humor - it wasnt funny at all. theres nothing funny about a scream, i dont get it.
think of a better idea, you obviously put no thought into it. background couldve been something interesting, but its just squiggles. this was not good as it was just a pig screaming